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When your equipment is down, Kool Blast Gas will provide you with fast and reliable service to help you get back to your patients. We believe you have the right to a reasonable cost on repairs and maintenance. Your manufacturer does not and will be quite expensive to work with.  Our Laser Engineers can do In-house, onsite, and remote troubleshooting for your lasers. Fill out our service form or call now for a free estimate!

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When a laser breaks down, a multitude of problems could be causing the failure. From our years of experience, the problem can lie anywhere from the handpiece, to optical trainings, to the electronics. Whatever the issue, we investigate the laser thoroughly to find the root cause. Once the issue is located and we have identified the correct plan of action in whether to repair or replace the part, we notify you on the scope of work and estimated time frame for completion.
Laser Power Supply
Laser Power Supply
Candela Pump Chamber
Candela Pump Chamber

Lasers We Repair

What Customers Say

Kool Blast Gas maximized our revenue stream with their expert service and fast turnaround.

B.H. MD, California

Kool Blast Gas did a great job repairing our laser. They beat their time estimate by one day.

S.H. MD, California

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